April 2016

Riding Motorbikes = PMA


Its true riding a Motorbike will give you a positive mental attitude fact !

Why would I say this, ok let me take you back to when I first started my Direct access course or DAS.

Now I’m I remember the first time I got on the motorway with a big boy bike it was Kawasaki 6 ER-N.

I seem to remember doing 70 mph thinking the only thing in between me and the road is this frame and two wheels my legs felt like a flag flapping in the wind whilst I held on for dear life, I was like why am I doing this lol but I got use to the feeling pretty quickly and loved it !

So why does it put you in a positive mood lift depression, I’ll tell you why and what it does for me.

Sometimes I listen to the inner me and the inner me says ooh you better be careful today as you might come off the bike and the first thing I do is challenge those thoughts and say nope I’m gonna have a fantastic ride and be safe I do my checks well not every time but mostly and then shut the garage door and I’m on my way riding.

The feeling is one of positiveness you have to be because there is no room for doubt be confident and challenge negative thoughts and you too will be positive and the bike is just a reminder to shoot down any downbeat thoughts .

Live life now, you could get hit by a bus anytime soon ! Brrr brrrr

Motorcyclist vs Car Driver

I would really like to know your thoughts as who was at fault here in the video below?

I personally think it’s quite obvious but it would be interested to know your opinion.


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