Group riding Yes or No ?

Motorbikes & Tshirt Weather


Ok we’ve had a few days of sun and I’ve already seen those guys with tshirt’s  on looking really cool……

But seriously are you planning ahead what if?

You might not wanna think about an off but it could happen….. Nah not me….Oh really!

I like my skin and i’ll substitute a light man made mesh jacket and get a little hot when I stop at traffic lights but come on wear vest or a Tshirt with a light weight jacket helmet gloves and boots…. Why ?

Because A&E are busy enough without your foolish ass adding to the quota plus you’ll be looking like Freddie Krugger relative!

Riding Motorbikes = PMA


Its true riding a Motorbike will give you a positive mental attitude fact !

Why would I say this, ok let me take you back to when I first started my Direct access course or DAS.

Now I’m I remember the first time I got on the motorway with a big boy bike it was Kawasaki 6 ER-N.

I seem to remember doing 70 mph thinking the only thing in between me and the road is this frame and two wheels my legs felt like a flag flapping in the wind whilst I held on for dear life, I was like why am I doing this lol but I got use to the feeling pretty quickly and loved it !

So why does it put you in a positive mood lift depression, I’ll tell you why and what it does for me.

Sometimes I listen to the inner me and the inner me says ooh you better be careful today as you might come off the bike and the first thing I do is challenge those thoughts and say nope I’m gonna have a fantastic ride and be safe I do my checks well not every time but mostly and then shut the garage door and I’m on my way riding.

The feeling is one of positiveness you have to be because there is no room for doubt be confident and challenge negative thoughts and you too will be positive and the bike is just a reminder to shoot down any downbeat thoughts .

Live life now, you could get hit by a bus anytime soon ! Brrr brrrr

Motorcyclist vs Car Driver

I would really like to know your thoughts as who was at fault here in the video below?

I personally think it’s quite obvious but it would be interested to know your opinion.


In Motion

What is it about 2 wheels that makes me fanatical I’ve been asked.

Well freedom is the answer quite plainly put,but that’s what it conjures up a sense of living in the moment it’s like being in a computer game and being hugely aware of your mortality !

Experience can help to some degree and not riding at million miles an hour.

Another great thing is it helps you to be positive there is no room for doubting yourself, I would go as far as to say all drivers should take their bike test certainly makes you a better car driver.



The two wheeling motoring fraternity this secret club known to me now had previously passed me by. I never thought at the tender age of 41 that I’d be swapping 4 wheels and throwing a leg over 2 but hey here…

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Advanced Riding Courses

Like I mentioned in my first post I’m relatively new to riding motorbikes and came across my passion because of old my employee.

Now I’m aware of my mortality and I’m not stupid enough to think I would have a crash or drop the bike which the latter I had done with my first bike. Ok I was really tired.

However knowing the probabilities I want to cover eventualities so my thinking is to learn more to reduce these risks sounds intelligent enough my reasoning I think.

It might not be cool but I do want to take care of my life and the people in it so what better way to do than advance training.

I’ve decided to do the IAMS course first and I will be posting some vids of my Observed rides.

Anyway until then I’ll leave you with this vid !

Beaches & Bikes


Welcome to what’s it all about well it’s all in the name .

Personally I came to the wonderful world of motorcycles quite late but now I’m addicted that first hit got me lusting for more & more to the point of obsession.

Of course I’m not complaining and I’m out in all weathers. Afterall being in a cage is a bit dull and once I threw a leg over my beast everything’s all good in the world again !

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